Proper Lighting While Reading

As we find a small cozy nook in our living room, favorite chair or perfectly propped up pillows on the bed to read a good book, it is important to understand how to best optimize the lighting in the room to prevent eye strain.
There are three factors to consider when evaluating a reading area. First, you need to make sure the light is strong enough to help you discriminate the letters properly without having to strain your eyes. Second, the lighting should not be so bright that a glare appears on the page.  And a third, an equally important factor, is choosing the right pair of reading glasses.
As you shop for reading glasses, be sure to find the correct magnification of course, but also choose a pair that feels comfortable on your face allowing you to see the page in front of you without having to tilt your head. If you find yourself tilting your head, it may be due to the fact that the receptive portions of the lenses are not properly positioned.
At, we offer a wonderful solution to offer the perfect lighting and provide glasses that are very comfortable. Our Lightspecs,, provide led lights that do not cause glare, provide the correct amount of light in any situation and utilize a lightweight frame for those times when you can’t put that book down!

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