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All of us at believe in giving back to the world by sharing the gift of sight. We invite you to join us in our vision by simply shopping for readers on our website. Through our Pair for Pair™ program, we work with RestoringVision who will donate one pair of reading glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased on our website until December 31st, 2014.*

Glasses are directly donated to Just by shopping on, you can feel good about participating in a global effort to help people see their world more clearly. Nothing additional is needed on your part to ensure a pair is donated, we do all the leg work for you!

*Applies to purchases made in the U.S. only.



Did you know that over 1.3 billion people suffer from deteriorating close-up vision and many are at risk of losing their livelihood because of lack of access to the appropriate reading glasses?  Mark Sachs, founder of Restoring Vision didn’t realize the impact until he went on missions to developing countries himself.

During these missions, Mark witnessed first-hand what it was like for people who had lost their near vision to receive the incredible gift of reading glasses. Feeling inspired to help others, he contacted non-profit groups that go on similar missions to see if he could help them source readers. They enthusiastically welcomed his offer, and this was the birth of

Mark contacted reader manufacturers and asked for excess inventory, overstocks, returns, or styles that didn’t sell. Soon he was receiving large numbers of glasses that could be re-directed to these nonprofit groups. They would eventually end up in the hands and on the faces of the people who really needed them.
Since its inception in 2003, Restoring Vision a non-profit, has helped to distribute over 1.9 million new glasses worldwide through over 400 different groups and to 75 different countries. And their numbers are growing. Readers are so simple to dispense and the impact has truly been transformative, touching so many people’s lives. To learn more, visit and buy a pair of reader glasses today!

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