What magnification do I need?

Having a magnification for your glasses that is too strong or too weak can cause eyestrain and potentially cause headaches or migraines among other issues. We have provided a chart below that will assist you in selecting which magnification will work best for you.

Magnification Selection Chart
Magnification Selection Chart

Directions on using the chart:

  1. Without any reader glasses, reading glasses or other eyewear on, start at the bottom line and read the phrase provided “If this line is difficult to read, use”.
  2. If you can read the line clearly, move up to the next line continuously until you can no longer read the line or have difficulty reading the line.
  3. Whichever line you are having difficulty reading, follow it to the right and select the magnification power it recommends you using.

Reading glasses are a great tool to assist in reading, however, our opinions expressed here are strictly educational and you should see a specialist before purchasing any reading glasses to ensure your eyes are in good health. The magnification chart above is to be used strictly as a guideline and may not be 100% accurate depending on the computer/ device you are using.

One thought on “What magnification do I need?

  1. At most stores they only go up to 2.50 and my Dr said I need 2.75 and I really like the ones with the lights on the inside.

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