Sun Readers

We receive several requests a day asking if there are combination; sunglasses and reading glasses. The answer is yes! When the sun is out and the weather is nice, the outdoors become your new favorite spot and we completely understand that. It is a complete inconvenience to try and read outdoors with the sun glaring and having to decide whether you want to squint and wear your readers or hold your reading material at an uncomfortable length away from your body just to try and focus but be protected from the sun.

We supply several options for sun readers from trusted brands like Private Eyes, CMC by Corinne McCormack and Foster Grant.  The magnification is built right into the sunglasses so you can easily focus down at your reading material and utilize your magnified area or look straight ahead for standard sight and be able to see the wonderful events happening around you! You can view our sun readers here.

Never sacrifice seeing or squinting again! Save time, aggravation, money and memories using sun reading glasses.

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