How to Prevent Reading Sunglasses From Forming Marks on Your Nose

Your glasses help you see life as you were meant to see it, but wearing them is not always the easiest thing to do. Over time, the soft tissues of your nose that hold up your glasses can suffer indentations and other damage as a result of wearing them. Luckily, you can take preventative steps that will keep your nose free of marks from your favorite pair of spectacles.

Wear Your Reading Sunglasses Only When You Need Them

As you wear your glasses for longer periods of time, they have a more profound impact on your nose’s shape. Unless you need your glasses for basic functionality, take as much time away from them as possible throughout the day. A slim and sturdy case that you can slip into a pocket is the best way to store them while they’re not in use.

Avoid High-Risk and High-Impact Activities

The slow change that the grip of a poorly fitting pair of glasses exhibits on your nose is nothing compared to the damage that a sudden impact channeled through the frame can cause. Generally speaking, you should consider contacts or specialized frames for contact sports, even ones with mandatory helmets like football. Even if contact isn’t the goal, activities where you are moving quickly or through dangerous terrains – such as racquetball or mountain climbing – should invoke extra care from those who wear glasses.

The damage you can suffer in these activities can be doubly effective in warping the structure of your nose.

Avoid Wearing Glasses Extensively while Your Nose Is Healing

Our bodies are the most susceptible to shaping as they are healing and growing, especially if the part in question generally stays in one shape once it’s finished. The nose is no different, so give it extra time away from holding up your glasses if you’ve recently suffered from an injury, undergone surgery, or otherwise suffered damage to the nasal area.

Pick Appropriately Sized Reading Sunglasses

Whether you pick a pair that clings too tightly to your nose or you grow into an older pair, wearing glasses that are too small for your nose can cause them to steadily apply pressure and warp the nose cartilage over extended periods of time.

The effect is more pronounced if you begin to wear glasses early on in your life. If you have kids or grandkids who wear glasses, be sure to help remind them to replace their glasses frequently as they grow up through the years.

Use Glasses with Nose Pads

Without pads, most glasses sit on your nose on narrow pressure points of the frame that pinch and confine the skin cells and everything underneath of them. When you have no choice but to wear your glasses for extended periods of time, the use of nose pads will spread out the force over a wider area and lower the total pressure.

Any type of frame that you wear for long periods of time, such as a pair of reading sunglasses, is a prime candidate for nose pads. If your current pair presses harder on your nose because of the extra length from the pads, you may need to switch to a larger size in accordance with the previous guideline.

Get the Reading Glasses and Accessories You Need

If your glasses are putting you at risk for disfiguring alterations to your nose, then you need to immediately look through the catalog of an online glasses vendor with a selection that includes over-the-counter reading glasses and vision correcting lenses. Shopping online gives you access to the widest range of brands and styles with a broad selection of accessories.

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