Why Readers Are So Attractive

Since the dawn of modern media and entertainment,  the librarian has been portrayed as a conservative, neatly dressed, uptight woman wearing reading glasses with her finger across her lips telling someone “Shhhh!” With that character came the persona of the sexy librarian, conservative by day but once the workday is done and the hair comes down, there is someone else behind those reading glasses. And what is a constant to this entire metamorphosis is the stylish and perfectly complimenting fashionable pair of reading glasses on her face.  And guys are no exception. With a full frame, rugged jaw line and striking eyes adorning a pair of reading glasses, women see an intellectual and powerful businessman by day and a sensitive, loving husband and father beneath that exterior at night.

Through all of this personification to what men and women have innately found to be a driving force behind attraction, is a great pair of reading glasses, which have evolved into an accessory to fashion, personality and desire. With a style guide for frame color, skin tone and face shape our website is a great place to discover the librarian or business man in you! Thank you for stopping by and have fun shopping at http://www.ReaderGlasses.com.

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