Let Me Introduce You To Readers!

So you are sitting at your desk or reading a menu and the words start to seem blurry, your eyes feel heavy and you also feel a level of frustration. You realize that you need some type of help but refuse to believe that reading glasses are the answer. “Reading glasses are for old people” is a common statement. Or, “Once you start using them your vision will get progressively worse”, which is also a common misrepresentation. Well, let me take this opportunity to tell you that you are wrong!

Wearing reading glasses is a sign of maturity and personal accountability for your well being. The longer you continue to try to focus on a menu in a dark restaurant, the more fatigue you are creating on the only pair of eyes you will ever have. That fatigue will translate into headaches, potential neck pain and other potential symptoms. Or even worse, you could order anchovies on your pizza without realizing it, YUCK!

A nice pair readers is very fashionable and, in some cases, even particularly attractive; if you choose the right pair. Let us help you! Our website can guide you through the process of choosing a color, frame style and magnification that will literally change your life for the better. Visit our frame finder page to get started today!


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