Do You Know What Your Beach Bag is Missing?

With summer just around the corner, thoughts of being outdoors and at the beach increasingly wander into our daily lives. But as we get ready to pack our bags and head to the shore, we cannot forget about sun protection. Almost instantly we associate the thought of sun protection with sunscreen, but how do we protect our eyes while in the sun and still be able to read? The days of doubling up on sunglasses and reading glasses are over!

We are proud to introduce sun readers! With sun readers you are able to get all of the protection you need while still being able to read behind a stylish and sleek frame. Corinne McCormack offers sun readers with different colors and styles to satisfy all needs.

The Marlena is a brown and tan, handmade acetate round frame that all women will love as it also comes in a tortoise print with an accent of purple. The classic yet functional look of Corinne McCormack eye wear does not stop short with these sun readers. That’s why we also offer the Norah, a tortoise print sun reader that offers eye protection without sacrificing the power that reading glasses provide.

While all three options provide different color choices, they all come with the same round frame, a shape that compliments any face shape. While the Marlena holds a frame that is slightly larger, the Norah is smaller and less overwhelming for someone with a smaller facial frame.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses that fit your face and gives you confidence is something we all seek when buying a new pair and the same goes for reading glasses. Now that we can skip the step of trying to find the perfect pair twice, we can focus on just one with sun readers. Sun readers also put your mind at ease as they have 100% UVA and UVB protection.

All of these sun readers are available with different magnification levels and without a prescription. This means that you no longer have to worry about pricy prescription sunglasses since sun readers are generally less expensive.

Based on the style and quality that comes from sun readers combined with the satisfaction that your eyes are protected, sun readers are an increasingly more attractive option for reading while in the sun.

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