Gearing Up for Reading Season

As the cold weather approaches in fall and winter, it is time to split the wood, remove the air conditioner from the window, rake the leaves and get your reading glasses for those many nights when the days are shorter and getting cozy with a good book is on the top of your ‘to do‘ list.

As you approach this wonderful time of year, be sure to remember a key fundamental when shopping for reading glasses. Always purchase a pair with the minimal dioptic strength that allows your vision to be corrected. You should never purchase a stronger magnification if a lower magnification does the job! Use our handy power chart to help you determine the correct diopter for you.

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3 thoughts on “Gearing Up for Reading Season

    1. Allie,

      Thanks for the comment! we personally enjoy reading all year round, but there is something about reading on the beach on a nice summer day that just stands out above the rest!

  1. I like how you said, “…purchase a pair with the minimal dioptic strength…”. I didn’t realize this made a difference. I’m going to check the dioptic strength on my glasses. Also, I’m going to invest in some bifocals. What style of glasses are your favorite?

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