Need help finding the perfect reading glasses frames for your face shape?

Shopping for a new pair of reading glasses can be a daunting task. Do you have the right magnification? Does that frame fit your face shape? With so many questions revolving around reading glasses we developed the Frame Finder to help! Now you can stop worrying and start seeing clearly!

If you have an oval shaped face, meaning your face is longer than it is wide, then frames with height can accentuate your facial features. Frames such as Corinne McCormack’s Abby (Tokyo Tortoise) or Foster Grant’s Allegra are the perfect match for you! However, if your face shape has more of a circular shape then rectangular shaped glasses are typically more flattering. Try Foster Grant’s Conan or Corinne McCormack’s Brian (Jet) to get the most style out of your readers!

While oval and circle shaped faces are common, so are triangle and square face shapes. If you have either of these face shapes then we have the best match for you! Triangle face shapes often have a triangular or a heart shape to them. Styles such as square glasses or wide rimless frames look sophisticated and sleek on this face shape. Foster Grant’s Paolo or Corinne McCormack’s Cyd (Brown and Yellow) are two styles that will make anyone with a triangular face shape look and feel flawless!

Last but certainly not least is the square face shape. A square face shape is seen when your face is similarly proportioned in length and width. Frames that resemble the styles chosen for circular or oval face shapes are great for square faces but they look best when the frame has a softer angle to it. For this reason we recommend trying Corinne McCormack’s Kaylee (Golden Brown) or Foster Grant’s Shira!

No matter what your face shape is, we want you to be able to see clearly while looking and feeling the best that you can! Not only is style important to us but your comfort and satisfaction is as well! So click on the style that you feel best represents you and get one step closer to seeing and feeling remarkable!

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