The Digital Age

We live in a digital age of mobile phones, laptops and video games. As our children get older and become more and more exposed to technology, it is important to understand the repercussions of this environment. Many children will spend hours staring at a computer screen, often not even blinking because they are so engaged with the action of the video game. As a result, children may develop what is called Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

Symptoms of this problem can be dry red eyes, eye fatigue resulting in blurred vision or even muscular ailments like neck or back pain from sitting in a non-optimal position for hours. Eventually, the eyes may try to compensate for this constant close-up engagement with the video screen by developing nearsightedness.

It is crucial that these children understand this and take a break from staring at a monitor, phone or video game to give their eyes some time to adjust properly. If not, this can lead to having the need for prescription glasses or potentially reading glasses as they age.

So turn off the video game and go outside once in a while!

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