Designer Reading Glasses – Is that Possible?

There’s a mistaken impression out there that reading glasses are always unsightly or unflattering. It’s a perception that’s perpetuated by racks of reading glasses at drug stores, which range from acceptable to completely unflattering. You may be left wondering – are designer reading glasses even an option?

Happily, yes! While designer reading glasses typically don’t get the press that designer glasses or sunglasses do, plenty of designers and manufacturers fill this market niche, making it easy to choose reading glasses that are as stylish and up-to-date as the rest of your wardrobe.

The part of any pair of glasses that’s artistically designed is, of course, the frames. The lenses that go into the frames are what meet your prescription’s needs. While designer reading glasses may defy our culture’s perceptions of what reading glasses should be, there’s no reason why reading glass lenses can’t go into designer frames.

The traditional image of reading glasses is that they have plastic rims (often mimicking a horn-rim look). This is a common design, but it’s by no means essential. Plenty of companies manufacture designer reading glasses with metal frames, or with inconspicuous clear plastic frames.

Many reading glasses have rectangular or half-eye frames. This does serve a practical function, since the frames are typically small enough that you can peek over the tops to look at something far away without distortion. But if you don’t need significant magnification, or if you read for long stretches without looking away, you may prefer the various frame shapes designer reading glasses offer.

The rectangular and half-eye frames common to reading glasses work best on round faces, to compliment their natural shape. But if your face isn’t round (or if you’re just looking for something different) you may prefer designer reading glasses. We stock plenty of reader glasses in shapes that include aviator, oval, square and wayfarer style glasses. Designer reading glasses don’t necessarily just complement the shape of your face – they can go incognito, so people around you may not even know you’re wearing reading glasses.

Reading glasses don’t typically need a prescription. You can buy them in common magnification levels. As a result, reading glasses are typically less expensive than prescription glasses. Many customers are more willing to spend a little extra on their reading glasses and buy their lenses in a high-quality designer frame. They’ll last a long time and look good.

So if you’ve been wondering if designer reading glasses are even an option, don’t despair – they definitely are! And we’re proud to offer some of the highest-quality designer frames available online, so you can read with ease and comfort, and look your best.

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