Readers in a Digital Age

In our ever changing landscape of digital media, understanding our consumer and how to best reach them is a moving target. As baby boomers become the fastest growing demographic on Facebook and millennials continue to venture onto new social media platforms, with other generations in between, being able to deliver information and content in a relevant and timely manner requires a fast paced, dynamic approach. As we think about this approach we must also consider the target audience as it applies to particular products and services. For a consumer entering the demographic of reading glasses, using digital media to reach them is crucial and also a sensitive task. While the average 40 year old approaches the need for reading glasses, it is not always a concept that is accepted by the consumer of 40 years old and higher. The need for vision correction comes with the idea of getting old. And getting old is a difficult thing to accept. Providing the necessary and proper information to our demographic now takes many different channels of digital media and also many different forms. We use video, textual ads, banner advertising and a host of other resources like blogs, websites, microsites, etc. It is this content that must be delivered through the channels that are most recognized by our demographic while understanding the channels most used by the demographic entering the category. The challenge is hitting the right people with the right message at the right time. Helping them to understand how and why reading glasses are a necessary and helpful aid to presbyopia is our social responsibility. Taking that a step further to show how reading glasses are also a nice accessory and addition to a persons style is also an important piece to the communication. As continues to provide this content to our current and future consumers, we hope that our content is useful and helps our customers have a better understanding of why reading glasses are so important. Thank you for your patronage!

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