Do You Need Computer Reader Glasses While Using Your PC?

Like most of the marvelous biological machine we call a body, eyes become less efficient as we age. In fact, 61% of the population required visual aids like glasses or contact lenses in 2012 and that number is rising. Many people choose to wear glasses to aid with a specific task, like driving, reading, or using the computer. So if you find yourself straining while at the computer, know you are in good company and specialty computer readers can help reduce your strain.

Warning Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Computers are particularly challenging on our eyes and many users, even those under 40, may find themselves experiencing the following common symptoms while at the computer:

  • blurred vision
  • eye strain
  • headaches
  • sore neck or shoulders

These occur happens due to the shift in focus our eyes undergo between electronic screens and regular objects, like a keyboard or book. The symptoms are aggravated when we try to compensate, typically by leaning a head forward or back to improve focus. Not pleasant for the many who work at a computer screen. Fortunately, there’s help available with computer reader glasses.


Lens Options for Computer Readers

Most reader glasses purchased at a drug store are not well suited to dealing with the unique challenges of computer vision troubles. They are optimized to correct near vision issues only while computer screens are typically positioned in what’s considered the intermediate zone of vision. Instead, you want to look for computer reading glasses with specialized lenses, such as Foster Grant eReaders.

Foster Grant Patented Lens Technology Helps Reduce Harmful Blue Light and Eye Strain

Our advanced lens design helps reduce screen glare and improve contract. It also helps to reduce harmful blue light. Blue light is a type of light that is emitted from some energy efficient lighting sources as well as most electronics (tablets, cell phones, TV’s, computers, etc). This blue light blocks and/or reduces significantly the secretion of melatonin into your body, thus disabling you from getting into sleep mode. (During the day, mostly to wake up, your body produces serotonin. Then, when it is time to go to bed and as the sunlight fades away, your body produces melatonin to put you into sleep mode.) When you can’t fall asleep, you stay up longer and lose sleep causing you to feel tired, depressed, drowsy and unmotivated.

Look Beyond the Drugstore for Your Computer Readers

Assistive reader glasses can be found in your local drugstore, but for the best results, you’ll want more flexibility in options than you can typically find there. It may be beneficial to schedule an eye exam to determine the precise vision needs you have – a single focus lens would work fine if your only issue is computer screen glare, but if your near vision is also a challenge, you may want to look for the occupational progressive or bifocal lenses instead.

Online shopping allows you to access a wider range of frame styles, colors, shapes, lenses, and options to ensure you find the perfect pair of computer reader glasses for your needs and taste.

At you’ll find a wide variety of Foster Grant eReaders in many contemporary styles and strengths. Please visit to view our selection.

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