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What magnification do I need?

Having a magnification for your glasses that is too strong or too weak can cause eyestrain and potentially cause headaches or migraines among other issues. We have provided a chart below that will assist you in selecting which magnification will work best for you. Directions on using the chart: Without any reader glasses, reading glasses … Continue reading What magnification do I need?

Crystal Vision has Arrived!

Crystal Vision readers feature innovation with a reduced distance between magnification focal points to be more in line with the typical eye angle when reading. This, combined with advanced lens coatings that reduce scratches, smudges and glare, also helps to reduce eye strain. Foster Grant, the market leader in over-the-counter reading glasses, is once again … Continue reading Crystal Vision has Arrived!

Innovation from Foster Grant

Anyone who wears readers will often experience the same issues with almost every pair. Over time, the lenses will scratch, they will continually need to be cleaned from constant smudges caused by the hand taking them on or off and light will often create a glare on the lenses that require head movement to correct … Continue reading Innovation from Foster Grant